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Information Technology Zone with its rich experience in software development and as a web designing company offers a wide range of services to fulfill its client’s business needs for the web and new media, in terms of creating stunning web design and user friendly web application development as well as custom software development.

Software Development

“Providing end-to-end software development services from requirements analysis to design, implementation, quality assurance and delivery.”

IT Zone is a professional software developing company located in Riyadh Saudi Arabia producing tailor made software solutions. We design our software according to the customers' requirements with flexibility in our costing models. We have experience in developing client/server database applications as well as standalone desktop solutions. We are focused on delivering customized application Software. We also undertakes customer's existing product software reengineering with current technology offerings. We communicate clearly and smoothly with all concerned personnel to ensure that our products provide utmost satisfaction to the client.

We offer the services of software development in Hospital, School, Hotel, Account, Warehouse, Store management and Also Special for Inventory control in Pharmacy, Departmental Store, Logistics warehouse, Construction Real Estate Building line Store from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Software development has proved to be effective and essential for organizations. By custom software development to IT Zone, you can be assured that the solutions delivered, meet the global standards of software development. We utilize Design Tool, Frameworks, E-commerce, Programming and Database technologies to tailor-make software solutions for our clients.

Custom Website Design

The days of static websites filled with dull content are gone. The general public now demands dynamic interactive websites with aesthetically pleasing design elements that offer a more engaging experience to the visitor. Additionally, in todays world of multiple options, website owners retain the option to go for customized websites that are easy to operate and maintain while providing powerful functionalities. The overall design design of a website is one of the first things that are noticed by visitors and create a considerable impact on the first impression of the viewer. A website design needs to be developed in a way that compliments your website's products and services.

Information Technology Zone offers clients the widest range of services on Statics and dynamic website design, website maintenance and web re- design services. Using our website designing proficiency and thorough website branding approach, we offer customized web design for your business that helps you in achieving objectives of that website. Our website designing approach covers a complete brand study, brand positioning and offers best possible value for your web designing Saudi Arabia initiative. As a website development company our focus is to always showcase your in its relevant perspective and have found that the best approach is to have a web site that is simple, fast loading and easy to navigate, providing the right information to user. With time we have set a high standard in the field of web designing.

More than 70% of your website visitors are now using mobile. We develop fully responsive websites with intelligent user interface that adapts to varied screen resolutions and deliver an amazing user experience regardless of the device and browsing environment.

Responsive Website Design

The general masses are fixated on increased mobility. More and more people are becoming accustomed to receiving and reviewing information on the go, which is a trend that demands websites to be adapted for both desktop and mobile devices of all screen sizes. Adapting your website for different screen resolutions has become an essential factor during the website development process. If a website is built keeping in mind only the desktop screen, it will be effective at relaying information on mobile devices. This is where Responsive Web Design comes into play and ensures that the UI/UX remains consistent, irrespective of which device it is accessed on.


HTML5 is the very latest version of HTML and XHTML with several upgrades to enhance functionalities in terms of web development. People in today's world love applications, irrespective of whether they see them on their mobile or desktop screens. Given this new trend for web based applications, HTML5 focuses on providing the perfect platform for web app development. This is a functionality that did not exist in the previous versions of the markup language, which now includes several new features such as Geolocation tagging and Canvas to name a few.

PSD and HTML are an important aspect of web development and also the most common practice in web development related tasks. PSD is a file format which is edited or saved in Photoshop. There are different SEO services offered by many websites for PSD to HTML5 conversion but if you are looking for the best services, then you should visit our website.

Many people encounter different difficulties when searching for best quality PSD to HTML5 conversions. Often the normal convertors take long time in file conversion making it difficult for you to complete tasks within a given deadline. Because of all these low quality and long time conversion issues, the reputation of your company is badly affected. But now a perfect solution is here for you. By hiring our team of professionals you can get solution to your every PSD to XHTML5 or any other file conversion problem. Give your work to us and you shall forget about the problems as we are here for the long run, providing you with the best solutions in the market. Our organization has combination of well trained and highly professional experts who ensure quality work.

PSD to CMS Implementation

PSD to WordPress

WordPress is a structured system that support individualized Blogs. This system supports widgets that can be rearranged without editing the code, so there's no need to know how to do web HTML development, thereby allowing non-technical people to create unique views for their blogs. Advanced users can edit the WordPress designs using HTML and PHP to achieve advanced customizations.

PSD To Magento

We offer custom e-commerce solutions to meet your online needs. In today’s Internet World, potential clients appreciate Websites that are well designed.

The conversion of your PSD (Photoshop) files into Magento can empower you to own a powerful and feature rich E-commerce website with an easy to understand Admin Panel. However the PSD to Magento conversion process is not an easy one, so to fully understand the process let’s speak about Magento first.

PSD To Drupal

Drupal is an open source Content Management System written in PHP that is high quality and has a very secure back-end system. A Drupal CMS system is reliable, secure, and more expandable than most open source solutions that are available in the marketplace. It also has lots of third party modules that makes it attractive for users as well. Drupal powers millions of blogs, websites and even enterprise applications today. Using Drupal you can build external and internal websites in a couple of hours with no custom programming required. Drupal has more than 16,000 available modules that allow you to truly customize and build it around your business needs

PSD To Joomla

Joomla is a highly used and renowned Content Management System which assists in creating powerful websites and online applications. Joomla is a free and open source CMS built on a model view controller web application framework which allows it to be used independently of the CMS. It has been downloaded more than 35 million times and has more than 6,000 extensions across the World Wide Web.

Mobile App Development

"The mobile industry is on the verge of a whole new paradigm- Android App Development."

Sky high, the present number of global Android users has reached up to 1.4Billion worldwide, and Android amounts to 53.54% share of the total mobile operating system market.

Ever since the world has taken to smartphones, Android has been ruling the industry (sometimes on top and sometimes on the second place, after iOS). Clearly, in the present market, Android outshines every other mobile OS. With billions of people using Android phones for their everyday tasks and to fulfill their luxuries, Android app downloads are on the rise. Android users are able to choose from 2 Million apps on the Google Play Store. These stats are a blessing to all the current businesses and enterprises if they want to get ahead in the conversion and traffic race.

Mobile apps have its own importance in everyone’s lifestyle. And hence, we completely understand the need of having a mobile app for the services you provide for your site. At IT Zone, we understand your business first and then design mobile application as per your requirement. Our designed applications attract many relevant customers. We add functionality to the application as per your need and always keep in mind your present and future compatibility.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization There's no point having a website if people can't find it.

So how do you get people to your site? A little technique called SEO. Search engine optimization is a series of strategies that helps your site rank higher in search results — so people find you first. So when someone searches for "weighing machine india" or "dentist in jaipur" (or whatever and wherever your business is) your site will be high up on their results.

Our Search Engine Optimization techniques:

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