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Design, Site Preparation, Installation, Commissioning, And Maintenance Of Medical Equipments & Health Care Projects Including Sales & Supply Of RF Cage & Chiller

Constructions Works

PTF can carry out all types of structural work including steel structures standard concrete and pre-cast concrete works. We can do also new or renovation works for any medical or x-ray rooms.

RF Shielding For MRI

PTF is a sole agent of Al Batros RF Cage for supply and installation in the Kingdom.

Customized RF Rooms

The RF room´s interference generated by the MRI Scanners from all manufacturers of MRI scanner systems. The RF room is constructed from aluminum or steel panels (modules) which allow the installation to adapt it to any size room within the host building. Our modular construction system enables the MRI-System to be easily removed and replaced and if required in the future, the RF room can be extended or moved to a new location at a comparatively low cost.

Custom-made RF Doors

Access to the RF room is via an RF shielded door. These RF doors are available in a number of different designs ranging from our standard shielded door with simple mechanical operation, through to automatic sliding doors and specially designed glass RF doors.

Windows for RF Rooms

In order to monitor the patient during a scan an RF-tight observation window is incorporated into the RF room. The flexibility of our modular system enables this RF window to be integrated into any of the wall modules; its eventual location being dependent on the final design of the MRI-facility. Additionally, these RF windows can also be used to allow daylight into the RF room.

Chiller For MRI

PTF is a sole agent of KKT chillers for supply and installation.Whether it's permafrost in Siberia, tropical conditions in Vietnam or extreme heat in Saudi Arabia, Oman, with the high-tech chillers from KKT chillers, you can always remain cool when you need to cool your medical or industrial applications

OEM Chillers

In the OEM segment, KKT chillers cooperates with leading medical device manufacturers to develop specific cooling solutions for worldwide use and also advises radiologists on-site about selecting the suitable cooling concept.

Shoe Cover Dispenser & Shoe Cover Remover

The Shoe Inn Lcc Shoe Cover System is the faster, cleaner and safer way to do shoe covers for your business. Particularly in high-volume applications, there is no better system available.

Aroma Solutions

Perfect for scent marketing applications, the new Aroma Beam™ scent delivery system utilizes totally dry vapor technology. There are no messy liquids or sprays and no complicated timers to set. Aroma Beam™ is simple to control with the intuitive Scent Bridge™ smart phone app for Android and iOS.

Feature-rich air care system for professionals

Only the AromaOne™ dispenser features so many thoughtful enhancements making it the ONLY choice for professional air hygiene for the jansan and route service:

  • Holds many Air-Scent refill types including bottles, Maxi Professional liquid cans and Solid Squair™ wafers.
  • Key lock deters theft and vandalism.
  • Modern design with optimal air flow. Air Velocity fan blade outperforms other designs.
  • Ingenious nesting refill tray features on board drip guard, ventilated refill holder and air flow retarder (to lessen output when circumstances require it.)
  • Three smartswitch settings, Continuous, 60-day and linear output for the best possible end user experience.
  • Converts from battery to electric operation on the fly (adapter sold seperately).

How it work

  • A full 6 ounces of liquid fragrance is infused into the Scentsia™ cartridge fiber matrix. At the center, an area of lower capillary pressure contains the fragrance liquid in its capillary voids. The refill does not leak, drip or spill.
  • The outer bands of the refill matrix are constructed to produce areas of higher capillary pressure. The capillary action pulls the liquid from the center of the refill toward these outermost areas.
  • The outside surface of the Scentsia™ refill is constructed to have the highest capillary pressure. The liquid fragrance flows evenly and consistently onto that surface.
  • The liquid fragrance evaporates from the outer surface and is diffused into the air by the Aroma Beam™ dispenser. The areas of varying capillary pressure are balanced for even, linear diffusion over 30 days.

Medical Equipment Installation

PTF has expertise to install medical equipment’s such as MRI , CT, Cath Lab, Angio and all types of X-Ray Machines from well-known medical suppliers.

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